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Google Research Shows How Online Ads Drive Offline Sales

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The relationship between online search advertising and online sales can be easily quantified, and that’s part of what makes Web advertising so powerful compared to its print and broadcast counterparts.

But can online ads lead to sales in the offline, bricks-and-mortar world? Google says yes.

The search giant, which has both an obsession with empirical data and a vested interest in proving the effectiveness of its own advertising products, combined those two things and produced a series of experiments with some of its advertisers.

The results were positive enough that Google produced a promotional video touting them. According to the video, advertisers saw an increase in in-store sales thanks to online advertising and some saw a return on their ad spend as high as fifteen times.

Have you noticed a relationship between online advertising and offline sales? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google Research Shows How Online Ads Drive Offline Sales

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