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NodeConf Schedule Announced

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NodeJS logo 150x150NodeConf, a Node.js conference scheduled for May 4 in Portland, OR, has announced its schedule. Speakers include Node.js creator Ryan Dahl, JavaScript guru Tim Caswell and our own resident hacker Tyler Gillies.

The event will ticket place at PureSpace, and tickets cost $145. The first batch of tickets sold out, but you can still add yourself to the waiting list for the next round.

The talks will include:

  • Ryan Dahl’s keynote
  • Elijah Insua: “Why node has a DOM”
  • Curtis Chambers “Being Uber with Node”
  • Matt Eernisse “Lessons Learned in Production”
  • Visnu Pitiyanuvath “How To Win at NodeKnockout”
  • Guillermo Rauch “socket.io”
  • Marco Rogers “Developing C/C++ Bindings for Node”
  • Chris Williams “F*ck Cyberspace, We’ll Do It Live!”
  • Marak Squires “Every node.js module evar!”
  • Kevin Hague “Building a portable presentation system using webOS and Node.js”
  • Henrik Joreteg “Building Realtime Singlepage Apps”
  • Paul Querna “Deployment with Cast”
  • Isaac Schlueter “How npm Works”
  • Matt Ranney “Understanding Node Performance”
  • TJ Holowaychuk “Stylus”
  • Felix Geisendörfer “How to Test Asynchronous Code”
  • Tyler Gillies “Dirty Little Hacks”
  • Charlie Robbins “Running node.js in Production”
  • Sean Cribbs “riak.js”
  • Tim Caswell “Hackers Asylum”

There will also be a secret talk by a “Mozilla Person,” a panel discussion featuring Node.js contributors and a closing talk by Mikeal Rogers.

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