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In Russia, New Apple Store Buys iPhone From You!

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A site that, inexplicably, follows Apple’s retail stores, IfoAppleStore.com, posted a rumor that Apple’s top folks went to Russia to negotiate the rental of a two-floor Apple store in the rebuilt Hotel Moskva, the first in the country.

Senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson and vice president of real estate Bob Bridger visited Moscow at the end of March and toured the three-level retail space in the future Four Seasons Hotel. The two were seen examining a 16,000 square-foot, two-level space as a possible Apple store. At the time, no lease had been signed, but a decision could be made soon, sources say.

The hotel is near the Kremlin and the story goes that Stalin carelessly signed off on two designs for the original hotel and so both were built in clashing styles. According to the Wiks, the old Hotel Moskva is on Stolnichaya vodka bottles – although I wouldn’t no because I always throw the bottles into the street after I drain off the last of the sweet, sweet oblivion within.

The store will open at the end of this year.

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Source: In Russia, New Apple Store Buys iPhone From You!

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