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Bing’s Flair For Visual Search Comes To The iPad

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Bing’s iPad app goes live in the Apple App Store this morning, with Bing’s signature focus on visual search in full force. The new app will feature a different high-resolution homepage every morning, with more details about the image revealed through image hotspots.

The app amplifies Bing’s strengths, namely its visual and design aspects. It offers a grid view of searches and full page image previews. Content like weather, news, stock quotes are visible from its homescreen. Finance nerds can monitor up to 18 ticker symbols at a time, and keep tabs on their stocks also from the page.

The map search option also provides a variety of map views such as bird’s eye, road and aerial and a new “Trends” feature, exclusive to the Bing iPad app, gives you a visual display of the top ten trending Bing searches.

Engineered around touch, the “magazine-inspired” app also allows you to swipe between search results and the web underscoring the iPad’s potential for providing a new kind of browsing experience. Emphasizing this even further is the fact that you can now search with voice.  Yes, voice.

You can download the app here.

<br/> <a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-u..." target="_new" title="Touch and Decide: Introducing Bing for iPad">Video: Touch and Decide: Introducing Bing for iPad</a>

Source: Bing’s Flair For Visual Search Comes To The iPad

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