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5 Apps That Bring SharePoint to the iPad

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SharePoint logo Employees may be bringing iPhones and iPads into work, but that doesn’t take Microsoft out of the game. SharePoint is still a wildly popular enterprise platform. An InfoTech survey on enterprise collaboration last year found that 73% of its respondents were using SharePoint. Maybe new collaboration and knowledge sharing platforms will eventually displace it, but for now it’s an enterprise standard. Here are a few ways you can access it from the iPad and other devices.


Filamente screenshot

Filamente is a SharePoint client for iOS from Aircreek.  It gives users a touchscreen optimized interface for SharePoint, the ability to upload files from a mobile device and offline access to resources. It costs $12.99 in the App Store.

Forms Central

Forms Central screenshot

Formotus offers a SharePoint client for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile called Forms Central. Like Filamente, it provides offline access to SharePoint data. It’s free to download, but requires a subscription.

Mobile Entree

Instead of a native app, H3 Solutions offers a SharePoint plugin called Mobile Entree that enables SharePoint administrators to create touchscreen optimized interfaces for their sites. We covered Mobile Entree here last week as part of our iPad for business round-up.


Moprise screenshot

Moprise is an iOS SharePoint client. The free version allows users to view SharePoint documents, but not edit them. The paid version, which costs $5 a month per users, provides more features such as uploading new documents, and Quickoffice integration for editing. Moprise also offers customized installations.



SharePlus is an iOS SharePoint client from SouthLabs. The lite version allows users to view documents and send them by e-mail. Pro and enterprise editions provide additional features like offline syncing and list item editing.

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