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Which Grad Students Are the Most Miserable?

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “Jessica Palmer has an interesting post about the miseries of STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math] graduate students and makes the case that of all grad programs, those in biology are particularly miserable. One basic problem stems from too many biology Ph.D.s and not enough funding, leading to an immensely cutthroat environment that is psychologically damaging to boot. But the main problem is that most of the skills you learn in biology, especially biomedical sciences are only useful in the biomedical sciences and that most grad students don’t learn enough ‘generalist’ skills, such as high level math or serious programming skills, to have other career alternatives if academia doesn’t work out. ‘A decade ago, sequencing was a Ph.D. activity, or at least, an activity supervised very closely by a Ph.D.,’ writes Mike the Mad Biologist.”

Source: Which Grad Students Are the Most Miserable?

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