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Live Blog: Interview with Parker Harris, Co-Founder Salesforce.com

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Thumbnail image for salesforcelogo.jpg I am in a meeting with Parker Harris, the co-founder of Salesforce.com. We have 30 minutes. I am live blogging our discussion. We are starting the conversation with a discussion about activity streams.

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3:35 p.m.: Where we will go – activity stream is more about business and work – workflow and a user interface. Task management activity management – pus, the company is working with activity streams around customer service. Customer service as an e-mail stream is a threaded discussion. A forum is a threaded discussion is a threaded discussion. these are all ways to interact ina service world. Salesforce.com is working how to bring that together. It will be a common interface. In its beginnings, Salesforce.com looked to Amazon and other consumer Web properties. Today, the influence is Facebook. It’s Cloud 2. It comes to me in an activity stream. The system is intelligently telling me what is going on.

3:43 p.m.: We are now talking about the way multiple presence applications are running at once. Harris is talking about the collaboration that can happen and how they see it at Salesforce.com. People are geo-located all over the world. That’s where DimDim fits in.

Source: Live Blog: Interview with Parker Harris, Co-Founder Salesforce.com

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