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Live Blog: Sugar CRM and the Open, Social World

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SugarCRM logo 150x150 Here we are at the opening for Sugar CRM’s Sugarcon event. The theme is openness and the social world.

This is a defining event for Sugar as the service is moving deeper into the enterprise with IBM as a partner. IBM is investing heavily in Sugar CRM. A total of six IBM vice presidents are here for the event.

Let’s get started.

Press F5 to refresh periodically.

9:15 a.m.: CEO Larry Augustine is setting the tone. He is now talking about what was hot in 2006. MySpace, Slashdot and Digg were all the talk. Kevin Rose was on the cover of Business Week. In that day,facbook was hardly on the radar. Twitter was just getting started.

9:23 a.m.: Going through the numbers, which we went through in yesterday’s post. Sugar is deepening its focus on its partner network. Again, that’s where IBM comes into play as a partner.

9:26 a.m: Nice to see Doc Searls here. His tweet: “I’ve been hanging with @pgreenbe for years, but now for the first time in physical space, in the front row at #scon11 in SF #crm #scrm #vrm

9:30: Global. mobile, social and platform are the mainstays of Sugar 6. As a platform, Sugar will continue to develop the platform for building out custom solutions.

Source: Live Blog: Sugar CRM and the Open, Social World

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