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Inducement To Piracy, Adobe Style

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S Vulpy writes “A post at the Social Science Research Council’s website talks about how piracy greases the wheels of the Adobe Creative Suite marketplace by making it easier to deal with Adobe breaking compatibility between versions. Quoting: ‘… such incompatibility doesn’t involve exotic functionality, just straight text layout into columns and boxes. The kind of stuff that has been core functionality of publishing software since the early 1990s. Translate this dilemma to Brazil or Russia, where incomes are a fraction that of the US and you get a very simple outcome: massive piracy of Adobe products. In fact, go through this process in the last month of a 4-year project on a deadline and one could understand becoming extremely sympathetic to such a perspective. This, as we’ve argued, is not a defect of the Adobe business model, it is the business model.’”

Source: Inducement To Piracy, Adobe Style

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  • Donttasemebroseph

    I’m no Adobe fanboy, but this article is just plain wrong. Adobe products are all backward compatible. All new versions are perfectly capable of opening a file created by an older version. The author of the post complains about forward compatibility, saying that an older version can’t open a file created by a newer version. Even this is wrong, since you can always choose to save in an older file format.


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