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Groupon For Nightlife Poggled Raises $5.6M From Groupon Investors

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Poggled, a Chicago-based daily deals site that focuses only on and club discounts, has just raised $5.6 million according to an SEC form filed today. Well what’s interesting about this? As Fortune’s Dan Primack points out that Groupon investors and co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell and New Enterprise Associates principal Tom Grossi are listed on the SEC form.

Lefkofsky and Keywell, who now run investment firm Lightbank, were involved in Groupon’s seed round and NEA backed the service in a $4.8 million Series A back when it was called The Point. That $4.8 million seems like pocket change when you consider that Groupon just raised $950 million and is said to be valued at $25 billion.

As for the service itself, Poggled is an interesting take on the vertical daily deals model, where users buy a bar or club-related deal and are given a special code they can then redeem at the service. The iPhone app allows users to sort deals like “$75 for Bottle Service” by Nearby and Happening Now or browse by Event Type, Day Of The Week, or Neighbor hood.  Users can also post deals to their friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Right now Poggled only exists in the Chicago market, but with $5.6 million in the bank I wouldn’t be surprised if it branched out into nightlife-focused urban areas like New York and Los Angeles. I’ve emailed Poggled for more info around its funding and future plans and will update this post when they get back to me.

Source: Groupon For Nightlife Poggled Raises $5.6M From Groupon Investors

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