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Google Brix: New Doc Type Discovered in Code

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Code for Google Docs now includes multiple references to a new type of document called Brix, long-time independent Google watchdog Alex Chitu of Google Operating System reports today. Chitu regularly spots new and experimental features in Google code, though many of them don’t end up launching formally.

There’s no information available about Brix other than that it appears to be a document type and has a Lego-style brick icon already posted online. Chitu hypothesizes that Brix is a type of interlocking, collaborative mutli-document metadocument. That makes sense to me.

googlebrixlogo.jpgGoogle Operating System found code in Google Docs in January that indicated the service would soon add a music player and playlist support, possibly for Presentation soundtracks. That hasn’t launched yet.

As part of today’s code discovery, the blog also discovered evidence that Docs could include support for Fusion Table documents and Google Sites.

When asked for comment, Andrew Kovacs, Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs at Google, replied “As you might expect we don’t have anything to share on the record.”

Brix may never see the light of day but if it is in fact a way to interlock multiple types of documents easily, like a set of Legos, that sounds great. I hope it does launch.

Source: Google Brix: New Doc Type Discovered in Code

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