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RIAA/MPAA: the Greatest Threat To Tech Innovation

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TAGmclaren writes “The Harvard Business Review is running an article stating that it’s not India or China that are the greatest threat to technological innovation happening in America. Rather, it’s the ‘big content’ players, particularly the movie and music industry. From the article: ‘the Big Content players do not understand technology, and never have. Rather than see it as an opportunity to reach new audiences, technology has always been a threat to them. Example after example abounds of this attitude; whether it was the VCR which was “to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone” as famed movie industry lobbyist Jack Valenti put it at a congressional hearing, or MP3 technology, which they tried to sue out of existence.’”

Source: RIAA/MPAA: the Greatest Threat To Tech Innovation

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