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New Quantum Record: 14 Entangled Bits

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Tx-0 writes “Quantum physicists from the University of Innsbruck have set another world record: They have achieved controlled entanglement of 14 quantum bits (qubits) and, thus, realized the largest quantum register that has ever been produced. With this experiment the scientists have not only come closer to the realization of a quantum computer but they also show surprising results for the quantum mechanical phenomenon of entanglement. By now the Innsbruck experimental physicists have succeeded in confining up to 64 particles in an ion trap. ‘We are not able to entangle this high number of ions yet,’ says Thomas Monz. ‘However, our current findings provide us with a better understanding about the behavior of many entangled particles.’ And this knowledge may soon enable them to entangle even more atoms.”

Source: New Quantum Record: 14 Entangled Bits

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