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Leaked Docs Show UK ISP BT Plans Music Service

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An anonymous reader submits with word of a leaked document that indicates that British Telecom “has plans to launch a new Music Download Service which it hopes will steer users away from P2P File Sharing . The introduction of the new service is aimed at giving its customers a alternative to file sharing and is already in the works with talks ongoing between the ISP and music labels such as Universal and EMI. When launched ‘in the near future’ the service is expected to offer BT’s 5.5 million customers completely free music downloads for an initial period of 6-9 months after which an undecided monthly subscription fee will be charged for continued access to the service. The finer details of how the service will look and function is unknown at this stage, but will play a huge part in how successful (if at all) the service will be. Services like Spotify already exist and are hugely popular in the UK meaning BT will have to go the extra mile to convince users they have a service worth using.”

Source: Leaked Docs Show UK ISP BT Plans Music Service

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