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The Ideal Delicious Alternative? Status.net Launches Freelish.us!

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freelishlogo2.jpgStatus.net, the trailblazing open source, distributed Twitter-alternative for businesses, today announced a new project called Freelish.us – a great looking social bookmarking service designed to pick up where Delicious left off. This is not an April Fools joke – this is awesome news!

Freelish.us is built on top of Status.net’s standards-based software for distributed, federated social networking. Anyone can set up their own implementation, design and community version of Freelish.us and all users can follow people on other implementations of the network. In the future, all installations of Status.net will have the option of launching their own interoperable social bookmarking feature, the company says. Freelish.us will never die, either, because it can live on your own servers, under your own control. That’s not something that can be said about Delicious. You don’t have to run it on your own server, you can just use the official installation too. You can import your Delicious bookmarks, grab the bookmarklet and get started.


“It’s definitely not perfect,” Status.net founder Evan Prodromou says, “But we think it’s a pretty good start.” One thing to note is that you need to click the confirmation link that shows up in your email before your bookmarks will start appearing. The service is rich with potential, built with standards for the future and backed by a company and community focused on the growth of distributed services like this.

I think it’s super exciting.

Back in December, we learned that Yahoo was considering closing down Delicious – something that would be a super tragic loss given the incredible things that can be done with the service. Yahoo now says it is looking to sell the service.

It’s hard to imagine a better solution to the problem than this. I’m @marshallk on Freelishus, feel free to be my buddy and we can share links.

Source: The Ideal Delicious Alternative? Status.net Launches Freelish.us!

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