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SlashTweaks Let YOU Micro-Edit Slashdot

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Here at Slashdot, we watched as Twitter

discourse to just the perfect 140 characters, while

showed us that everyone’s voice mattered equally when creating the

experience. We’ve taken the next step with SlashTweaks. Within each Slashdot

you will be presented with several opportunities to make micro-edits: ranging from factual errors or tonal shifts to simple typos. Since Tweaks are just a single word, there is very little barrier to entry… you have no excuse not to participate. Stories will incorporate the highest rated

socially and mathematically guaranteeing the best story possible. Our highest

users can start new tweaks on individual words, while everyone else will be rating existing tweaks. Thanks for your participation and patience while we iterate on this, making sure that we are able to stay ahead of the

edge of webbovation!

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