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Boxcar Spreading Beyond iOS, Onto Mac, Windows & Android

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All the time on the Web, things are happening. Comments are being left, blogs updated, messages sent, Tweets tweeted, and so on. If you’re an information junkie, then you don’t want to know later, you want to know now.

One way of knowing now is setting up a mobile notification app, like Boxcar, to let you know the moment everything happens when you’re out and about. But what about if you’re sitting at your desk? For that, the company has just released a desktop version of Boxcar for the Mac and the app is soon on its way to a number of other devices and platforms.


Today, the company announced the availability of Boxcar for Mac, a desktop version of the popular mobile iOS app that brings push notifications for a variety of services to your desktop. (Think Twitter, Google Buzz, email, Twitter lists, Reddit, GitHub and several more.) But why would you want a desktop version? Boxcar CEO Jonathan George had a simple explanation.

“We built it because we were tired of picking up our phones all the time to see what messages we’d gotten,” said George.

George admitted that, for now, users running both aps will get notifications on both their mobile phone as well as their Mac.

“We’ll  get smarter about where we deliver messages as we build out the product,” said George. “Since we have a native app on the desktop, we can detect presence. With the users permission, we can discover whether the screensaver is running, how long ago the user last typed, whether or not the mouse has moved. All can be used to create a presence detection system that will allow us to discover where to send the messages to at the right time.”

The Mac desktop app is available to download from the Boxcar website and will be available at a later point in the Mac App Store.

Even more exciting, for you non-Apple types, is that Boxcar is spreading its wings and moving on to other lands – Windows, Android and even Honeycomb, to be precise. George says that a Windows version, as well as an Android version, is coming in the next couple of weeks. For you TV fiends, a Google TV just might be in production a little bit on down the line too.

Freak out, Android information addicts – Boxcar will soon come for you too. See?


Source: Boxcar Spreading Beyond iOS, Onto Mac, Windows & Android

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