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US To Send Radiation-Hardened Robots To Japan

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CWmike writes “The United States is sending specialized robots to Japan to help officials there get control of the Fukushima nuclear power plants damaged in this month’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Dr. Peter Lyons, an acting assistant secretary for nuclear energy with the DoE, said the robots, which could be sent into areas that would be dangerous for humans to enter because of high radiation levels, could begin to give officials readings on the environment inside the nuclear power plants. Lyons told the US Senate on Tuesday, ‘We are moving expeditiously to ship not only the robots but also operators who perhaps will be used to train Japanese operators. We don’t know yet how close the operators will need to be to the site.’ Asked about getting information about the state of the damaged reactors, Lyons said the robots could provide some information. ‘Certainly not all we need, but some,’ he said.”

Source: US To Send Radiation-Hardened Robots To Japan

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