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Twitter and Webshots Veterans Launch New E-Mail API

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snail mail Message Bus is a new company that will offer an API for sending e-mail. It sounds like SendGrid or Amazon SES (see our coverage of SES for more competitors in this area). According to the blog post announcing the project, the team is focusing on an agnostic messaging architecture, “at the plumbing level, Twitter’s road not taken.”

Message Bus was founded by CTO Jeremy LaTrasse, former operations manager at Twitter and President Narendra Rocherolle and CEO Nick Wilder, both formerly of Webshots and 30Box.

The company sees itself as part of a growing community of “infrastructure apps.”  The term infrastructure apps was coined by GaryOrenstein at GigaOM to refer to apps like Twilio (coverage), Loggly (coverage), SimpleGeo (coverage), New Relic (coverage), Urban Airship (coverage) and Dasient (coverage).

From the announcement:

Email is first. It is mission critical and yet suffers from a chronic opaqueness when it comes to data and analytics. We have crossed the threshold where maintaining and administering email systems for companies large and small no longer makes financial sense. Message Bus reduces messaging to a simple API call. That’s it. You hand us a message and we deliver it with real-time reporting. Think of us as your digital FedEx.

There’s not much more information available on the service than that.

It was incubated at The Start Project, and just completed a $3 million round of series A funding from True Ventures.

Disclosure: SendGrid is a sponsor of ReadWriteWeb.

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Source: Twitter and Webshots Veterans Launch New E-Mail API

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