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SoundTracking Is A Hit! Reaches 100K Downloads In Two Weeks

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If you haven’t noticed by the amount of follower notifications you’re suddenly receiving, music snippet sharing app SoundTracking has a had an impressive 14 full days since its SXSW launch, clocking in 100K downloads from the Apple App Store on March 26th.

While we’ve seen this level of growth with photo-sharing app Instagram (which hit similar numbers in a week), I’m going to drag out the Foursquare growth reference point (it took Foursquare seven months to get to 60K users) again to emphasize how impressive this is, especially for a music sharing service.

Founder Steve Jang hopes to create new social graph centered around music, as opposed to just a music scrobbler. “It’s not so much about sharing the music, more like sharing the moments around the music,” he tells me.

Soundtracking is also seeing one SoundTrack being shared every five seconds, compared to one photo being shared every two seconds when Instagram hit similar user numbers. Jang explains that this rate is slower because a post on SoundTracking is meant to be thoughtful, and is arguably more complicated as it incorporating different elements like music, imagery and commentary.

SoundTracking’s social elements are the key to its success here. In contrast to pure song ID apps like Shazam and Soundhound, Soundtracking’s Twitter and Facebook sharing features aren’t bolted on, but a core part of the experience.

While Jang is currently working on an Android app and integrating SoundTracking with other services like YouTube, he also promises that more socially-focused Schematic Labs products are to come.

Source: SoundTracking Is A Hit! Reaches 100K Downloads In Two Weeks

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