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IT Poll: Do You Use a Proprietary Database?

March 29th, 2011 03:48 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the weekend we told you about Oracle’s killer quarter. One of the interesting things about how well Oracle is doing is that a large part of the company’s revenue growth is coming from new licenses for its proprietary database software. Even as database types are diversifying and open source competitors step up their game, Oracle is still crushing it.

David Linthicum wrote earlier this year that the won’t open source won’t gain in the cloud. I disagree. Plenty of open source software is being used to build clouds. But I think what we’re seeing is that the cloud isn’t curbing the adoption of proprietary software.

Are you still using proprietary databases in your enterprise? Are you expanding the use of proprietary databases, or phasing them out?

Source: IT Poll: Do You Use a Proprietary Database?

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