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How Twitter Can Become More Mainstream [Conversation]

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Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is back working at the company and made public statements today about how Twitter is focused on making the service more mainstream. Biz Stone said something very similar last week at the CTIA mobile conference – that the number once misconception about Twitter is that people think you need to write Tweets to get value out of it.

Imagine a place where the most famous and fabulous people in the world emit short little pearls of wisdom throughout the day, every day, in a public forum where anyone can enjoy them. Stars of stage and screen stepping right into your living room – 140 characters at a time! That seems to be what Twitter aims to be now, or at least part of it. We asked (on Twitter, of course) what other people thought of the idea that Twitter should be more mainstream and for their suggestions as to how that could be accomplished. Below are my favorite parts of the conversation so far.

Source: How Twitter Can Become More Mainstream [Conversation]

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