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When LOLs Collide: Cheezburger Network Buys Know Your Meme

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Meme catalogue website Know Your Meme has been swallowed by Ben Huh’s The Cheezburger Network this morning in a seven figure deal, Tubefilter’s Marc Hustvedt reports. The site, which has 3 million unique visitors per month and 20 million page views per month will be joining sites like Fail Blog, The Daily What and LOLmart in Cheezburger’s march towards total meme domination.

From the Know Your Meme founder Andrew Baron:

“Today at Rocketboom we announce the sale of Know Your Meme to The Cheezburger Network. Cheezburger recently raised $30M and offered a super seven figure deal (Id like to tell you how much exactly but they wanted to keep that confidential).

Before diving into the sale, I entertained another serious buy-out offer, entertained an offer for investment from a premiere investor, and even considered turning it into a double-bottom-line company, but all in all, everyone advised this was by far the best deal to be done (esp. because I was 100% owner of the company with no other investors or partners involved). When I took the idea to the Know Your Meme staff and got everyone’s complete conviction, I decided to hand it off.”

Founder Andrew Baron tells me that he will be staying at Rocketbook and the sale included the site http://knowyourmeme.com and the Know Your Meme show. While Rocketboom will no longer produce the Know Your Meme show, Cheezburger, which just received $30 million in funding, may “spark it up” again.

Source: When LOLs Collide: Cheezburger Network Buys Know Your Meme

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