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A Late Adopter’s Guide To USB 3.0

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Data Storage

crookedvulture writes “Even with cheap external hard drives, USB 3.0 offers roughly double the real-world transfer rates of old-school USB 2.0. It’s no wonder, then, that USB 3.0 ports are available on most new systems. But what if you want to add USB 3.0 to an existing one? This article goes over what’s required and explores the sort of performance improvements you can expect to see. Looks like a no-brainer for anyone who does a lot of transfers to external hard drives.”

Source: A Late Adopter’s Guide To USB 3.0

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    Well, I’m more interested in seeing what Thunderbolt does – it sounds like it’s faster, but it all depends on what the device manufacturers settle on implementing. But one thing in my mind that it’s entirely impossible to be a “late adopter” at this stage.


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