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Guild Wars 2 Devs Aiming For the Top

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As various MMOs have been released over the past several years, their developers have been wary about the inevitable measuring against World of Warcraft, often saying that “second-best” is more than good enough for them. Not so for ArenaNet as they work on Guild Wars 2; they’re aiming right for the top. And according to a detailed preview now up at Eurogamer, their effort is paying off : “Two huge and risky decisions have been made in its design: junking the ‘holy trinity’ of character class roles (protective ‘tank’, damage-dealer and healer) and doing away with the quest-style architecture for game content. Yet, in moment-to-moment play, Guild Wars 2 looks and feels instantly and reassuringly like a fantasy MMORPG – just a noticeably fresh one. It’s a question of flow. Combat is still hotkey-based, but faster and smoother and more streamlined, involving more movement and positioning. The levelling curve is now an almost flat line, replacing the epic ascent with a steady journey where content, not advancement, is king.”

Source: Guild Wars 2 Devs Aiming For the Top

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