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Google Analytics Begins Rolling Out New Dashboards

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Google Analytics, one of the most widely-used Web traffic monitoring products out there, is gearing up to launch a completely new version soon. To get things started, they’ve begun rolling out a completely redesigned dashboard to some users.

Google first announced the new version of Analytics at its Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco last week. Based on user feedback, they plan on streamlining much about how data is pulled from the system and will be announcing new features in the coming weeks.

The first of those features is a new approach to the home base of every Google Analytics account: the dashboard. The new customizable dashboard is based on user-selected widgets, each one displaying a different metric in a different format.

There’s also more than just one dashboard. “A common request we heard from you all is that one dashboard isn’t enough,” the company said in a blog post. “You told us that wanted the ability to customize multiple dashboards for different analyses.”


This is great for organizations with different needs. For example, somebody who works exclusively with SEO can have one dashboard, while another team member who focuses on editorial efforts can view a content-oriented dashboard. Of course, for many small businesses, numerous roles are often played by a single individual. For those folks, these new dashboards should make life easier by keeping reports more organized and easier to consume at a glance.

The new dashboards are being rolled out to beta testers only at this point, but you can sign up to receive early access.

Source: Google Analytics Begins Rolling Out New Dashboards

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