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Forrst Gets Seeded With $200,000

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Coders hang out on Stack Overflow. Designers hang out on Forrst. The invite-only site for Web developers and designers just raised a $205,000 seed round from Dave McClure’s 500Startups, Nate Westheimer, Adam Schwartz, and Jim Sokoloff.

Forrst is a forum for Web designers where they can share designs and code to get feedback from other designers, ask each other questions, or write posts about design topics. It also offers an About.me-like profile page for designers called Forrst.me, witha picture and links to that persnon’s Forrst posts, Twitter, GitHub, and Tumblr accounts. Here is founder Kyle Bragger’s Forst.me page.

Forrst is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Source: Forrst Gets Seeded With $200,000

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