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Want to Go to Ghana for Free? Teach Reading with Digital Tools for Worldreader

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worldreaderorg_150x150.jpgWorldreader, the non-profit that uses e-readers to teach literacy in the developing world, is sponsoring a video contest to bring a volunteer along to Ghana.

To enter, make a digital video that answers the question, “Why do you want to help Worldreader bring ‘Books to All’ to the developing world?” Viewers will vote to determine who wins the opportunity to work with the group in Africa.

The contest is being administered by the Spanish travel company eDreams in a “special white label integration via Facebook,” according to Worldreader Director of Communications Susan Moody-Prieto.

Upload your video to the eDreams Facebook page for consideration. The deadline is March 30 and the winner will be the person who submits the video with the most public votes by the end of April 1. The winner will be announced on April 4.

The winner will have a chance to work with Worldreader on their Ghana program and have everything paid for. Moody-Prieto outlines the trip.

“(The winner) will be flown down to Ghana, met by someone on our team, spend a day touring Accra, then they’ll head out to the schools where we have the e-readers and help Worldreader with reading exercises with the students and help out teachers. They’ll do that for a couple of days, and then we’ll be following up with some of the students who we filmed last time, going with them into their homes again and talking to their parents about how they are using the e-readers in the family.”

Don’t expect a luxury safari, however, she warns.

“It ain’t 5 star luxury living. When someone asked me about the hotel’s thread count, I said…um, 5? But it’s the real deal: volunteering in the middle of no-where with this amazing technology that is going to change the lives of these students and eventually all of Africa and the developing world.”

Source: Want to Go to Ghana for Free? Teach Reading with Digital Tools for Worldreader

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