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Netflix Shares Soar, Site Goes Down

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It’s not a great day for the Internet, folks. Web services seem to be dropping like flies. For several hours today, WordPress.com’s back-end was nowhere to be found, causing several TechCrunch writers to consider writing on legal pads and posting on Craigslist. Some of us even considered posting on HuffPo. Don’t worry, they’ve been fired. Sometimes it takes a crisis to know who you can really trust.

On top of this, and much to the chagrin of the video-on-demand watching public, Netflix went down for what seemed like a century. I subscribe to Netflix Instant, and as you can see from the above message, I was not allowed to watch my “programs” this evening when I wanted to.

Ironically, this outage occurred a few hours after Netflix stock price reached a new high as a result of the company’s stellar Q3 results and because of the high ratings of some audacious Credit Suisse analyst. Stock price surged to $19.54, rising by nearly 13 percent, to close at $172.69 — three times what the company was worth last year.

What’s more, the service now boasts over 20 million subscribers and a Sandvine study showed that the service has become the largest source of U.S. Internet traffic during peak Web-surfing hours. Yes, it seems that Netflix could break the Internet — that is, of course, if the Internet doesn’t break Netflix first.

Naturally, the Web has been a-flutter with Netflix related chatter, with many of its subscribers have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, like this Tweet from one Paula Simone, “dammit! netflix isn’t working. I had to put my dvd of arrested development in the xbox by hand! BY HAND! what is this 2009?”

Of course, some see a silver lining for the video hub, “Netflix’s current outage and the complaints about [it] in Twitter show how integral it’s become to entertainment for the tech generation”.

Subscribers even created a Yahoo Answers thread, so you know it’s bad.

Netflix publicly recognized the outage in its own Twitter post at about 4:30 p.m. ET, but has yet to explain the cause of the outage or project a timeline for when the service might be available again. Netflix spokeswoman Catherine Fisher said she had no further details either. Amazon is likely very pleased with what’s happening, as I can just imagine it massaging its hands and saying “eexcellent” a la Mr. Burns.

The outage today likely just goes to show that Netflix will have to invest more in its data centers and servers to make sure streaming option remains available, because users likely won’t stand for these kind of interruptions much longer. Pitchforks and torches are on the horizon.

Update: As of 7:30pm, my Netflix is back up, but no official word from the company as of yet.

Source: Netflix Shares Soar, Site Goes Down

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