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Propose Your Session for the ReadWriteWeb 2WAY Summit NYC

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2way-lead-image.pngAs you may have read recently, we’re having our next great event, the two-day ReadWriteWeb 2WAY Summit on June 13-14 in New York City. While programming for day one is all but set with awesome speakers including danah boyd, Jason Calacanis, Andy Carvin, Nick Denton and Fred Wilson, day two will feature many breakout sessions covering a wide variety of Web topics.

That’s where you come in.

Our previous events have always featured our smart readers helping to shape the agenda, and the 2WAY Summit is no different. That’s why session proposals for day two sessions are now being accepted.

If you think you’ve got something worth talking about, whether by yourself or as a panel, workshop, or other format, give us your pitch by filling out the form embedded below.

If your session idea catches our interest, we’ll contact you to discuss more. Session organizers will also receive a complimentary pass to the 2WAY Summit for both days.

If you’d just like to join us as an attendee, our “early adopter” pricing is on right now!

Good luck with your proposal! (you can visit the form permalink here)

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