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Bu.tt Gets Kicked Off The Internet

March 21st, 2011 03:25 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Weep, my fellow internauts. Bu.tt, the amusingly named URL shortener that launched to ‘kick it’ a mere five months ago, is no more.

In a brief message posted on the service’s homepage, the venture capital backed startup behind the URL shortener (just kidding) poetically explains the reason for the abrupt ending of this beautiful, heartwarming story:

We sincerely apologize to our dedicated users but our ISP will no longer support Bu.tt due to constant abuse by spammers.

To which one can only respond with a question: seriously dudes, there were dedicated users besides those spammers?

Hat tip goes to one of those hardcore users, Brazilian entrepreneur Marco Vanossi.

Source: Bu.tt Gets Kicked Off The Internet

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