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A Look At the World’s Dwindling Food Supply

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An anonymous reader writes “The UK’s Government Office of Science has released a report titled ‘The Future of Food and Farming‘ which takes a look at, among other related concerns, how to continue to feed a global population that is on pace to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. ‘The report calls for more innovation to increase production. That means using the potential benefits of GM crops and other biotech approaches, although these won’t be a cure-all. There’s room for improvement on the consumption end, too, as 30 percent of food never makes it into a human stomach; in the developed world, we let produce slowly rot in the backs of our fridges, and the in developing world, farm wastage causes a similar problem. … Rising energy prices influence food security, with a correlation between food price and oil price that has become stronger over time, first increasing food production costs, and later by encouraging the diversion of food stocks into biofuel production.’”

Source: A Look At the World’s Dwindling Food Supply

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