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iPhone 5 Could Have a Flat Metal Back, Larger Screen

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We have discussed the possibilities of the Apple’s next generation iPhone with the same form factor as iPhone 4 but with a larger edge to edge screen and one with an aluminium back panel instead of iPhone 4’s glass back panel.

Folks at 9to5Mac report that according to their source from Foxconn Electronics, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple’s iOS devices, iPhone 5 will come with a flat metal back panel and a larger screen.

9to5Mac reports:

Although some reports claim the iPhone 5 will adopt a curved metal back, our source says models have been floating around with a flat metal back. The material of this metal is unspecified. Our brains say aluminum but our hearts wonder if this could be Liquid Metal. The next major enhancement is said to be a larger display. An enhanced screen for the next-iPhone has been rumored, but an exact screen size has only been pinpointed by Digitimes (4 inches). Our sources do not have precise screen measurements for the iPhone 5 but are certain that it appears to be larger than the one found on the iPhone 4.

Here’s a mockup of iPhone 4 with a flat metal back panel using one of the conversion kits to give you an idea what the next generation iPhone with metal backplate and similar form factor look like:

Do you prefer iPhone 4 like glass back panel or would you prefer the metal back panel? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via 9to5Mac]

Source: iPhone 5 Could Have a Flat Metal Back, Larger Screen

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