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Ubisoft Announces Music Game For Real Guitars

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Despite recent troubles in the music game market, Ubisoft thinks the genre still has room for innovation. They have announced Rocksmith, a rhythm game designed for use with real electric guitars. The guitars will connect to a console or PC through the standard output jack. “… the ‘note highway’ is actually a virtual guitar fretboard, complete with numbers which correspond to the different frets, and the ‘target zone’ consists of six horizontal strings. Wherever each note appears on the virtual fret board, that’s where your finger(s) go on the physical fretboard. Once the note reaches the target area you strum the string it comes into contact with. Simple. The camera zooms dynamically to highlight where on the fret board you should be looking at, in much the same way that a musician’s eyes would scan up and down the neck of the instrument during a performance.”

Source: Ubisoft Announces Music Game For Real Guitars

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