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Never Arrive At Another Meeting Unprepared, Thank You Noteleaf

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noteleaf150.jpgHere’s a confession: when I’m about to go into a meeting or a conference call, I often get that “wait, what are we talking about again?” feeling. I don’t mean to be unprepared, I really don’t. In the final minutes before a meeting, I do try to prep, which often means searching through my mobile phone, trying to pull various threads and thoughts together. There. Now you know.

So enter Noteleaf which addresses this problem quite simply. You get a text message prior to your meeting, with a link that pulls up background information about the person with whom you’re meeting.

noteleaf2.jpgNoteleaf currently works for Gmail and Google Apps users, pulling information from your Google Calendar, your Gmail, and you contacts in order to help build out the background information it delivers prior to your meeting. That info includes the person’s profile picture, as well as details from the Calendar entry and a filtered list of all email exchanges. With one click you can email the person or grab a map to the meeting location.

Noteleaf also connects to LinkedIn to provide a robust work profile. Today, Noteleaf is expanding this integration and will also show mutual contacts from your LinkedIn network. The app will also display the 3 most recent tweets.

There are definitely some features I’d like to see added to Noteleaf – the ability to pull up company profile information would be useful in my line of work, for example. The balance here, of course, is to note overload the app with data so that it becomes as odious to check as other sources of data. As it stands, this is a simple app – there’s nothing even to download which means it works cross-platforms; you just register via the website – and it does a decent job of quickly pulling together info on your mobile device.

“It’s all about being prepped for meetings on the go,” says co-founder Jake Klamka, who adds that the company is listening to feedback from early users about what they’d like to see. Noteleaf is part of the Winter 2011 Y Combinator class.

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