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Is the Business Card Dead?

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theodp writes “Attending SXSW, HBR’s Susy Jackson was dismayed to find her beloved business cards no longer carried the cachet they did back in the day. Writes Jackson: ‘I had a lovely conversation with two young entrepreneurs from New York and when it was time to part ways, I used that old line: ‘Here, let me give you my card.’ They both paused, looking unsure about whether or not I was serious. Then I saw the understanding wash over them. I was speaking a forgotten language. A business card. How precious.’ And while Jackson appreciates the convenience of exchanging e-business cards, Twitter handles, and phone numbers (texting), she’s still a softie for a good business card: ‘Some cards are plain; others speak to their holders’ personalities through odd trim sizes, quirky color schemes, or clever word play. Each will tell me something more about the person who gave it to me than I could have known from their contact info alone.’ So, how telling are The Business Cards of Tech Giants?”

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