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iPad 2: Will It Blend?

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iPad 2

There are few things that you expect when Apple launches a new iOS device. In case of the iPad 2 it hasn’t been any different.

It started with the rumors and speculations about what to expect in iPad 2, then we had Apple’s special event where it unveiled the second generation iPad. 

The new iPad 2 got us so excited that some of us decided to stand in the line four days in advance to get our hands on one while some paid $900 for a spot in the iPad 2 line, it was followed by the first unboxing photos and videos, then it was jailbroken and we also had folks at iFixit taking it apart.

So the only thing remaining was for folks at BlendTec find the answer to the question: Will iPad 2 blend?

You can checkout the video below to find out:

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[via Blendtec]

Source: iPad 2: Will It Blend?

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