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Android Game Devs Worry Over Ease of Copying

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The Guardian reports on problems faced by game makers on Android Market. Some independent developers are finding that their games are too easily copied and sold by competitors, and they say Google isn’t reacting quickly enough to reports of infringement. Quoting: “One of my customers emailed me three weeks ago, and informed me that another company was selling a version of my app – pirated and uploaded as their own. Of course I contacted Google right away. It took Google two days to take the app down. This publisher was also selling other versions of pirated games. I contacted the original developers of those games but they were still being sold a week later. You’d think [Google] might have a hotline for things like that! I would also note that the publisher selling the pirated games is still trading on the Android Market. They didn’t even get their account suspended. … Why are these accounts still allowed to be trading? It’s negligent as far as I’m concerned.”

Source: Android Game Devs Worry Over Ease of Copying

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