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Trailers for Arkham City, Prey 2, Prototype 2

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A gameplay trailer has been released for Batman: Arkham City, the upcoming sequel to 2009′s Arkham Asylum. The game is due out this October, and according to a preview at Eurogamer, the game’s developer, Rocksteady Studios, is taking seriously “its role as the Dark Knight’s caretaker.” Another trailer comes from Bethesda, this time a non-gameplay teaser of Prey 2, after the game’s existence was officially confirmed. Kotaku reports that the game will have some significant differences from its predecessor, but details are vague and the game won’t be released until 2012 — not unlike Prototype 2, for which there is also a new trailer.

Source: Trailers for Arkham City, Prey 2, Prototype 2

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