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British ISPs Could ‘Charge Per Device’

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Barence writes “British ISPs could start charging customers depending on which device or which type of data they’re using, according to a networks expert. ‘The iPad created a very interesting situation for the operators, where the devices themselves generated additional loads for the networks,’ said Owen Cole, technical director at F5 Networks. ‘The operators said “If we have devices that are generating work for us, this gives us the ability to introduce a different billing model.”‘ ‘The operators launched special billing packages for it, which is in direct contravention to net neutrality,’ said Owen. ‘If things are left to just be driven by market economics, we could end up with people paying for the amount of data that they consume to every device and that would not be a fair way to approach the market.’ Owen also foresees a billing system that charges less for non-urgent data, with an email costing less per bit than either Skype or video packets that need immediate delivery.”

Source: British ISPs Could ‘Charge Per Device’

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