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Book Review: Learning ExtJS 3.2

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dulepov writes “An extensive set of features makes ExtJS a very popular framework. But a rich set of features comes with a cost: the framework is complex. While many frameworks can be learned from source, with ExtJS this is not the case. Syntax of object-oriented programming in JavaScript can be very difficult to understand and ExtJS sources demonstrate that. As a practical programmer, I think that the best way to learn ExtJS is to read a good book and follow examples inside.The ExtJS book I got was published by Packt Publishing. It is called Learning ExtJS 3.2. I consider myself an experienced ExtJS developer but there are always more experienced developers and this book was written by several of them.” Read below for the rest of dulepov’s review.

Learning Ext JS 3.2
author Shea Frederick, Colin Ramsa, Steve ‘Cutter’ Blades, Nigel White
pages 432
publisher Packt Publishing
rating 9/10
reviewer dulepov
ISBN 1849511209
summary A good learning resource about ExtJS

Source: Book Review: Learning ExtJS 3.2

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