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SignNow Raises $500,000 For Upcoming E-Signature Service

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SignNow, which is readying the launch of a brand new e-signing service, due next month, has raised $500,000 in financing from unnamed angel investors, the startup has announced yesterday.

SignNow’s lofty goal is to revolutionize consumer use of e-signatures, a legally-binding way to add signatures to electronic documents of all sorts.

In tandem with the launch of its product, SignNow CEO Christopher Hawkins has actually written a book entitled: “A History of Signatures: From Cave Paintings to Robo-Signings” ($39.99), detailing the place the concept of the signature has held throughout history.

SignNow is the company behind NotaryNow, a service that allows people to connect to a notary instantly, via webcam, to legally notarize documents.

Source: SignNow Raises $500,000 For Upcoming E-Signature Service

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