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NASA Building Network of Smart Cameras Across US

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kkleiner writes “A major government agency is looking to blanket the US with cameras that will never stop their surveillance. But don’t worry, privacy pundits, those cameras will be spying on the sky, not civilians. NASA’s All-sky Fireball Network is a series of cameras that track meteorites as they enter the atmosphere. With careful triangulation, NASA can not only know where the meteorites will land, they can determine where they came from as well. One of the coolest parts of the All-sky Fireball Network is that it’s fully automated. Meteors are detected by a computer which sends images, video clips, and data analysis to William Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. Now you can get the same information as Cooke, too – the All-sky Fireball Network’s website publicly records all the data for you to peruse.”

Source: NASA Building Network of Smart Cameras Across US

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