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2-Part Series from SXSW: 5 Interviews About the Rise of APIs

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SXSW.com.jpgHere is the first of a two-part series about the rise of APIs at SXSW this year. It consists of five interviews with Oren Michaels of Mashery; Mike Maney of Alcatel-Lucent; John Musser of Programmable Web; Sam Ramji of Apigee and Matt Galligan, chief strategy officer at SimpleGeo.

I fashioned a new video tool with an old fishing rod for the interviews. It helps extend the camera and keeps it steady. I used my bike pant ties to attach the camera to the pole. It gets attention as you will see in the interview with Oren.

alex.sxsw.JPGIn the first two interviews I talk with Michaels and Maney. In the convention center, Mashery and AppCircus created “Circus Mashimus,” where app developers competed and did demonstrations for SXSW attendees.

At the Hilton, Alcatel-Lucent hosted the ELEVEN API Lounge, a place for developers to hang out and compete for prizes including a live action game of Angry Birds.

Both lounges were packed with people when I stopped in. It points to the changing interest in APIs. The suits arrived this year. And they want to invest in APIs for unlocking the data that they have in any number of data silos.

Here are the interviews:

Oren Michaels

Mike Maney

APIs are now far more than a curiosity. They are essential to understanding the information economy. It’s apparent at SXSW that large companies recognize this fact and want to program their infrastructures for this new data universe.

Source: 2-Part Series from SXSW: 5 Interviews About the Rise of APIs

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