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Former Myspacers Build Link Curator ‘Tagging Robot’

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Former VP of Product at Myspace Todd Leeloy and Myspace Product Manager Joe Munoz have launched a semantic tagging network and link curation service today called Tagging Robot. Tagging Robot currently crawls your Facebook newsfeed and separates your links based on topics, as well as giving you relevant topics data for each link.

Tagging Robot uses NLP and Machine Learning to build users a topic centered profile, and uses your Facebook Interests and Social Graph to populate the page. What you immediately see on your profile is a list of recommended links (based on followed topics), a list of all links shared recently by your network and your favorites (which you track by clicking the <3 symbol next to each link).
In addition to pulling from your Facebook Interests, you can follow topics on Tagging Robot by clicking on the plus or minus sign next to the link topic.

The service has shared over 1.5 million links and crawled over 45,000 user profiles so, with just a hundred beta testers and Leeloy plans on adding link crawling capabilities beyond Facebook. But this isn’t a consumer product, and Leeloy hopes to be able to integrate this functionality onto any site that has an audience and a content index, like a blog or social network. “It’s really hard to demo and API, so we build out the demo as proof of concept” Leeloy explains.

“In a world where you encounter 500 links per day, you need to know what’s best from your social network and beyond,” he says. Tagging Robot is an attempt to increase this relevancy, and bring users more signal and less noise.

You can sign up for the beta here.

Source: Former Myspacers Build Link Curator ‘Tagging Robot’

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