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IPad 2 Teardown Shows Tablet’s Guts

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alphadogg writes “Apple’s iPad 2 tablet, which became available Friday, boasts a big battery, tiny speakers, an ample 512MB of RAM and a glass front that’s tricky for tinkerers to take off. That’s the upshot from an initial teardown of the new Apple tablet by iFixit, which specializes in Apple product repair. IFixit warns that those who dare to peer into the insides of the iPad 2 on their own risk cracking the glass front panel, which is thinner than that from the original iPad (0.62 mm vs. 0.85 mm) and glued on rather than attached via tabs. A heat gun was needed by iFixit to disassemble the device.”

Source: IPad 2 Teardown Shows Tablet’s Guts

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