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Clearwire Sued Over WiMAX Throttling

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suraj.sun writes with this excerpt from Ars Technica: “Wireless operator Clearwire has had a bumpy few months, and now things are getting worse. A lawsuit has been filed by 15 users over the company’s throttling practices, accusing Clearwire of not delivering advertised ‘high-speed Internet’ services to customers and charging them termination fees when they walk away unsatisfied. The complaint focuses heavily on Clearwire’s advertising, which not only highlights the speed of the connection, but also the fact that there are no limits on data usage. ‘Usage is unlimited — believe it. You can upload, download, and surf as much as you want for one low price with any of the CLEAR Internet plans. We don’t slow down your connection — the way some Internet providers do — if we think you are using too much bandwidth,’ the complaint quotes from Clearwire’s website. (That text appears to have been removed at the time of publication).”

Source: Clearwire Sued Over WiMAX Throttling

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