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US Lawyers Target Swedish Pirate, and His Unicorn

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Chaonici writes “When a Swedish citizen identified as Ryan heard about US movie studio Liberty Media’s plan to get copyright infringers to confess and voluntarily pay up, he couldn’t stop himself from sending them a satirical email promising that he will pay ‘from the pot of gold I got at the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow’, regardless of scathing criticism of the studio from his unicorn. However, despite his location, the jesting nature of the email, and his insistence that he has never downloaded anything for which the studio is suing, Liberty Media’s lawyers have taken the ‘confession’ seriously, and have issued a subpoena to Google for personal information related to Ryan’s Gmail account. In a phone call, the legal team affirmed their determination to ‘hunt him down, all the way to Sweden if need be.’”

Source: US Lawyers Target Swedish Pirate, and His Unicorn

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