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Bandwidth.com Raises $20.5M On The Heels Of Dash Carrier Services Purchase

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Bandwidth.com, a North Carolina-based provider of Internet and VoIP services to small and medium sized businesses, has raised just south of $20.5 million in equity funding according to this regulatory filing.

Notably, the financing round comes about two weeks after the company acquired Dash Carrier Services for an undisclosed amount in cash.

That deal will lead to a combined entity with projected 2011 revenue exceeding $100 million, the companies said at the time the acquisition was announced.

Bandwidth.com provides millions of phone numbers annually and billions of minutes of calls for over 6,000 business customers in the U.S., including Skype, Pinger, Yext, and IfByPhone. For small and medium sized businesses, Bandwidth also provides integrated office phone systems, smartphones, as well as business-grade Internet connectivity.

The company’s recently launched Google Voice competitor Phonebooth is a VoIP service for individuals and small businesses that provides users with a free local phone number that can be forwarded to any cell phone and landline.

It also offers voicemail transcriptions, and an auto attendant feature that allows users to route callers to different employees.

From what I can gather, this is Bandwidth.com’s first round of institutional venture financing, even though the company was originally established back in 1999.

Source: Bandwidth.com Raises $20.5M On The Heels Of Dash Carrier Services Purchase

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