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7 Tech Companies Who Raised Funding: Which Will Shape Our World? (Poll)

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piggy_sep10.jpgToday we’re looking at seven companies that raised investment funds. In the cutthroat world of startups and great ideas, which company will significantly affect our lives? On today’s list we’ve got a site that makes it even easier to order in a pizza for dinner (as if we needed further prompting to make such a decision!), a site to help us find a job (for just an hour or a lifetime) and the company behind the super addictive Angry Birds app. We’ve got many more promising companies to consider. Tell us, readers, which of these companies will shape the world?

Yesterday’s Poll winner was StackExchange, a realtime question-and-answer forum site used heavily by programmers, but also by many others seeking advice on one of the 46 topics StackExchange addresses. This site came out far ahead of the seven other companies listed, earning 53% of RRW readers’ votes.

Today’s Companies:

Topsy, a real-time search engine that includes social sites within its Web, raised $15 million. Clovr Media, a digital advertising startup that converts banner, text, mobile ads or video into Card Linked Offers (CLOs), raised $8.3 million in its second round of funding.

GrubHub raised $20 million in funding, which will help the restaurant location directory grow its existing technologies and expand into new cities. It wants to make it even easier for us to order in a pizza (the most heavily ordered cuisine according to its “about page). SnagAJob.com, an online employment site with listings from full-time to one-hour commitments, raised $27 million in a Series C round of funding.

Rovio, the Finnish game company behind Angry Birds, raised $42 million in Series A round. Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype, is one of several investors. GroupCommerce, a commerce platform targeted at group-buying for publishers and merchants, raised $8 million.

BackType, a San Francisco-based Web-marketing company that helps businesses understand social analytics, raised $1 million.

With all this money being invested, which company do you think is ready to change our world?

Source: 7 Tech Companies Who Raised Funding: Which Will Shape Our World? (Poll)

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